FrontierVille Livestock Pen Goals: Everything you need to know


Earlier this evening, we brought you the step-by-step guide for building your new Livestock Pen on your Homestead in FrontierVille. Along with working on this time-consuming building, you can also work on an accompanying set of four Livestock Pen goals, which we'll talk about here.

The first goal is called "This Little Piggie," and it asks you to complete three very simple tasks:

Tend 15 Pigs Anywhere
Hire Bess
Have or Place a Livestock Pen

The Livestock Pen's base is all that needs to be built on your Homestead for this task to complete. Meanwhile, you can tend either 15 of your own pigs, or pigs on your neighbors' Homesteads until you reach 15. As we said - it shouldn't be too hard to find 15 pigs in total, so you'll pass this one quickly. For completing this first mission, you'll receive 50 Food and 500 XP.