FrontierVille Livestock Pen Collection offers XP and energy for tending animals

With the release of the Livestock Pen in FrontierVille comes the launch of a new collection to go along with this new building. The Livestock Pen Collection contains five all-new items to the game, and can be completed in the same manner as you'd expect - either by earning them at random when whacking the frame of the Livestock Pen as you're building it, or by receiving these items at random when collecting the building's Daily Bonus.

Here's what to keep an eye out for:

Feed Bags
Loose Straw
Ear Tags

When you finish finding all five of these items, you can turn in the collection for 50 XP and a +5 energy boost. To be clear, that's five free points of energy as a refill, not a change in your overall maximum energy. Personally, I'm a bit disappointed in these prizes. Sure, the extra energy can come in handy when tending animals or crops, but I would much prefer to see exclusive decorations, after putting in the time it takes to complete most building collections. Maybe that's just me...

What do you think? Do you like collection awards to be exclusive decorations or items you can't find anywhere else, or do you like the experience point or coin rewards? Let us know in the comments.