FrontierVille Design Your Horse Contest: Draw up the next Horse on the homestead

FrontierVille Horse Design
FrontierVille Horse Design

If you've ever wanted to be a super famous game designer, Zynga is giving FrontierVille fans a sliver of that chance. In the brand new Design Your Horse Contest, players can draw up what they think should be the next Horse to hit the homestead. Submit your artwork by May 27, because after that, the Zynga community team will decide on 10 finalists for the community to then vote upon. To choose the winner, players will soon have to answer a poll in which they narrow down their top three choices. Based on that information, we'll have our design champion soon enough.

According to the official rules, the grand prize winner will have his Horse design incorporated into the game and win both a FrontierVille t-shirt and 500 Horseshoes. The second and third place winners will each score 100 Horseshoes--still not too shabby for throwing a sketch together and scanning it.

You can use pen, pencil, markers, crayons, and even software to mold your very own Horse out of the outline provided by Zynga (pictured right). Modifying the outline in any way is grounds for disqualification, so just follow the rules. That means no unicorns, got it?

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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