FrontierVille: Conestoga Wagons begin to roll in, do nothing (yet)

Conestoga Wagon
Conestoga Wagon

Look, we know how excited you are to get on into the Oregon Trail in FrontierVille, but cool your jets. Seriously, you're scaring us. Now, FrontierVille Info has finally completed the 12 Goals for the McBaggins family and received his Conestoga Wagon. Alright! So, we're ready to go, right? Not quite, my friends.

No, the Wagon is completely inert at the moment--all you can do is move it around. Don't be alarmed, because no matter what, Zynga will release the next step to unlocking the Oregon Trail, which has been said to release this month. Just because you have so much free time you're doesn't mean the stragglers shouldn't get a chance to see the new content when you do. Give her time, the Trail ain't going nowhere. For real, it's right here.

[Image Credit: FrontierVille Info]

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