FAA Proposes Real-Life Emergency Training For Pilots

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FAA regulators released a proposal on Wednesday that would, for the first time in 20 years, mandate a change in pilot training, USA Today reports.

The new rules would require airlines to train pilots, flight attendants and dispatchers all together in real-life scenarios using flight simulators.

Among the lessons would be how to recover from a full stall mid-flight, the Associated Press reports.

FAA Administrator Randy Babbitt, who recently released new rules for air traffic controllers following a slew of debacles involving sleeping air traffic controllers, told the AP: "This is a major effort to strengthen the performance of pilots, flight attendants and dispatchers all through better and enhanced training."

The proposal is part of new safety enhancements in light of the February 12, 2009 crash of a Buffalo-bound Colgan Air flight, in which pilot error was to blame. The flight's captain took the exact opposite action of that needed when recovering from a stall.

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