Delta Passenger Tries To Open Emergency Door On Flight

Getty Images

It's happening again, this time on Delta: A Boston-bound passenger tried to open a plane's emergency door on Tuesday night, the Associated Press reports.

It's unclear why a passenger on Flight 1102, en route from Orlando to Boston, wanted to open the door on the flight, Boston Logan spokesman Phil Orlandella told the AP.

Nevertheless, an off-duty cop subdued the passenger and kept him detained until the flight landed in Boston.

Flight crew alerted the airport to the disturbance; the passenger was arrested for interfering with flight crew upon landing.

This is now the third time in a week that there have been disturbances mid-air.

On Sunday, a Delta flight was diverted to Albuquerque after a "potential security threat" was established.

Also on Sunday, a now-famous American Airlines passenger, Rageit Almurisi, stormed the cockpit door. Almurisi has since been denied bail over claims that he yelled "God is great!" while on board.

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