Rovio releases new Angry Birds merchandise, but where's Zynga?

Angry Birds Merch Shop
Rovio has done the unthinkable--wait. Actually, this is exactly what the company would do when it comes to Angry Birds. Fans of the feather-flinging franchise can now pre-order merchandise from the Angry Birds online store. That way, super fans can be the first to receive the new items as soon as they release. Angry Birds merchandise has been somewhat of a mini-phenomenon to the already massive mobile (and soon Facebook) game developer, and now it can fuel even more excitement for ... Angry Birds flip-flops.

Here's the thing that's mind blowing in all of this: Zynga has yet to release a similar merchandise shop. With the company's immense following, is there any question as to how successful it would be. What FarmViller lover wouldn't enjoy an official FarmVille t-shirt or a Sheep plush doll to sleep with? It's not as if the studio doesn't have recognizable mascots--just look at FrontierVille and CityVille's list of characters. Zynga is sitting on a literal gold mine, one that could boost it to become the most valuable game company on the planet. Meanwhile, Rovio makes way for the coveted title with simple retail. I'd like a FrontierVille Groundhog plush doll, please.

[Image Credit: Rovio]

Have you ever bought any Angry Birds merch from the official store? If Zynga created a merchandise store, would you buy Zynga-themed clothes and toys? Share with us in in the comments. Add Comment.
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