Playdom loses Program Manager Karen Clark to Romero's Loot Drop

Karen Clark leaves Playdom
Karen Clark leaves Playdom

Playdom, who was recently surpassed by Wooga as the fourth most popular social game developer in the world, says goodbye to program manager Karen Clark. The ex-Playdom employee is joining John Romero and his brand new social game studio. Loot Drop, as director of studio operations, Gamasutra reports. Before joining Playdom, Clark worked with Bioware and EA on creating the Dragon Age and Mass Effect franchises.

"Working at Loot Drop was an easy choice for me," Clark told Gamasutra. "I have a lot of friends in the company who believe in the social space and the opportunities it presents to recapture some of the early magic of games where the gameplay was paramount."

Clark joins a list of triple-A industry refugees, including Brenda Brathwaite, COO of Wizardry fame. Not to mention the countless traditional game designer who have opened social games companies elsewhere.

While Loot Drop's first game, Cloudforest Expedition, is already in beta testing, perhaps her hardcore expertise will come in handy for the studio's second release through RockYou? Either way, from such an eclectic manager, we can expect some interesting things to come of Loot Drop.

[Image Credit: Borderhouse Blog]

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