FarmVille Sneak Peek: Scottish Decorations and Buildings coming soon


While the actual English Countryside theme may be coming to a close in FarmVille (by Zynga's admission), it looks like we'll be continuing in our trip to Europe, at least virtually, as a new Scottish theme looks to be coming to the game in the near future (perhaps as early as tomorrow evening).

There are plenty of buildings and decorations to take a look at here. We have the Scottish Barn, Bluebell Woods, Crofting Cottage, Scotland Flag, Scottish Piper Gnome, and the Scottish Loch (think Loch Ness Monster).

Notice the third item - the Crofting Cottage. This isn't a misspelling, Crofting is actually a term used for a type of farming and small-scale food production in the Scottish Highlands. Once again, Zynga has done its homework with the authenticity of these items, and it's appreciated. Unfortunately, we won't know for sure when we can add these lovely new items to our farms until Zynga decides to make that decision known. We'll be right there when they do, so keep checking back.

Do you like the idea of a Scottish theme in FarmVille? Which other geographical areas (even outside of Europe) would you like to see represented in the game? Let us know in the comments.