FarmVille Sneak Peek Scottish Animals and Trees: Eriskay Pony, Rowan Tree and More


If you didn't think that FarmVille's (unreleased) Scottish item theme would be complete without new animals and trees, well... you're right. It looks like the theme will be a complete one, with new animals and trees also being prepared for launch in the game very, very soon (perhaps even this week). We've come across some unreleased images of those animals and trees, and will jump right into the speculation as usual.

The four animals are the Eriskay Pony and Eriskay Pony Foal, along with the Highland Cow and Highland Calf. The Eriskay is a proper Scottish breed, if you've never heard of it (I'll admit that I hadn't), while the Highland Cow is so furry that I almost can't stand its cuteness.

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