FarmVille Sheep Breeding: Chameleon Ram offered as free gift to Ewe owners


...And the saga of Sheep Breeding in FarmVille continues. Via a blog post on the official FarmVille blog, Zynga confirmed that they have updated the Chameleon "color" on the Chameleon Ewe (which was removed from the market last week because it simply wasn't working the way it should - that is, the color-changing ability wasn't passed on) to work exactly as a pattern does. This means that the inheritance rate of the color-changing ability is now much higher than before.

But, since the Chameleon Ewe wasn't working properly (and the team still doesn't know whether or not they'll re-release it), they've decided to help players that purchased one jump back into the swing of things by offering them a free Chameleon Ram. As the color-changing ability now works as a pattern does, they've released a Ram that has that "pattern" allowing you to (hopefully) start breeding color-changing Lambs, rather than just those that are entirely white. If you didn't purchase a Ewe, the Ram itself can be purchased from the market for 20 Farm Cash, but only for the next two weeks.

Does this ultimately fix all of the problems being seen with Sheep Breeding? No, not really. Until they return the pattern inheritance rate to that of the 80-100% successes we saw at the beginning of the feature's launch, I don't think it will ever really be the same. But, I suppose, at least they're trying.

What do you think of this update to the Chameleon color/pattern? Will you be one of the lucky farmers that receives the free Chameleon Ram? Let us know in the comments.

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