FarmVille American Express Promo: Receive free Instant Grow and send Mystery Gifts to friends


Tonight brought a new cross-promotional activity to FarmVille via Zynga's partnership with American Express. We brought you a sneak peek of this promotion last week, but now that it's launched in full, we can bring you all of the details about how to receive these free goodies for yourself. First, there isn't a farm to visit - you'll simply receive your free blue Windmill when you log into the game. Placing the Windmill on your farm triggers you getting a free use of Instant Grow, which will make all of your crops ready to harvest when you use it. Don't worry - the Instant Grow goes into your Gift Box so you can use it on either farm, at the exact time that you're ready.

Otherwise, can also sent your friends free themed Mystery Gifts via the game's free gifts page. If you happen to be an American Express Membership Rewards member, you can also use this cross-promotion to receive 50% off Zynga Game Cards by using your reward points to purchase them. Personally, I don't know if that's what I'd spend my hard-earned points on, but the option is there all the same.

What do you think of this American Express cross-promotion in FarmVille? Will you redeem your American Express rewards points for a discount on Zynga Game Cards? Sound off in the comments.