Cafe World Subway Breakfast Express Goals: Everything you need to know

While it may not be as big of a cross-branding promotion as today's announcement between FarmVille and Lady Gaga, Zynga has officially launched a new cross-promotional activity in Cafe World with Subway, to advertise the sandwich shop's relatively new breakfast options.

This cross-promotion will only be around for a limited time, and offers you six goals to complete, along with new recipes to cook and master. The series starts with the goal called Breakfast Express I, which gets right down to business, having you serve Subway sandwiches in your cafe.

Serve Sunrise Subway Melt 10 Times
Serve Clubhouse Sandwich 10 Times
Spice 3 Neighbors' Stoves

You can receive your Subway Melts by sending out individual gift requests to your friends, asking them for servings. You can also cook the dish yourself, if you'd rather not bug friends, with the Subway Melt being available to cook for 1500 coins and ready to serve in 12 hours. Meanwhile, the Clubhouse Sandwiches take even longer to cook, at 18 hours. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive 200 coins and 200 Cafe Points.

The rest of this mission set is themed in the same way - with breakfast foods galore. You'll even unlock two new, non-Subway related dishes along the way. For Part II of VI, you'll need to serve the other Subway limited edition dish, along with the traditional Breakfast Sandwich.

Serve Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheese 10 Times
Serve Breakfast Sandwiches 20 Times
Serve Orange Juice 18 Times

Remember, Breakfast Sandwiches only take three minutes to prepare, so don't panic when you see such a high number to be cooked. Luckily, your Toaster Oven can be cooking those Breakfast Sandwiches while your stoves cook the Subway dish, with the Black Forest, Ham, Egg & Cheese dish taking 18 hours to cook, and costing 2,000 coins. For completing this second mission, you'll receive more coins and Cafe Points - 300 of each, to be exact.

Moving on, Part III of VI, you'll need to start asking for ingredients, but you won't receive a new recipe just yet.

Serve Fish n Chips 20 Times
Ask for 5 Cartons of Eggs
Ask for 5 Cups of Sugar

Fish n Chips takes two hours to cook, so while you're waiting for those dishes to cook, you can send out individual requests for these ingredients. For finishing this mission, you'll receive 500 coins and 500 Cafe Points.

For Part IV of VI, you will receive a new recipe, but you'll definitely have to work for it.

Serve Toaster Pastries 10 Times
Ask for 10 Bags of Toast
Serve 18 Cups of Ginger Ale

Toaster Pastries take only 30 minutes to cook, but must be done in the Toaster Oven. You'll need to serve the Ginger Ale from the Drink Bar. For finishing this mission, you'll receive the Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe, which is another Toaster Oven recipe.

We're almost done folks. Part V of VI brings us back to a whole lot of cooking, but surprisingly, you don't have to cook your new Grilled Cheese Sandwich recipe.

Serve Philly Cheese Steak 15 Times
Ask for 15 Wedges of Gruyere
Serve Bacon and Eggs 20 Times

While you're waiting for your friends to send you the cheese, you can cook your two dishes. Bacon and Eggs take 9 hours to cook, while Philly Cheese Steaks take 18 hours to cook (and costs 2400 coins, for those on a budget). Even though you just collected a whole heck of a lot of cheese, you won't receive a new recipe for finishing this one. Instead, you'll be rewarded with 600 coins and 600 Cafe Points.

Finally, Part VI of VI brings in the Salad Bar element to this quest set, along with more ingredient collection. But yes, you will receive a new dish for finishing this one, so I suppose it's worth it.

Restock Salad Bar 10 Times
Serve Bruschetta 15 Times
Ask for 20 Virginia Baked Hams

Bruschetta is a Toaster Oven dish that must be unlocked by completing the Toaster Oven goals, so I hope you've been working hard at those already, or else your job just got a whole lot more difficult and time consuming. Either way, one way to save time on this particular goal is to restock your Salad Bar with 10 serving portions; that way, they'll run out quicker, allowing you to restock faster until you're done. Finishing this final mission gives you the Croque Monsieur recipe, another sandwich that can only be cooked in the Toaster Oven.

All told, there doesn't seem to really be that much to do with Subway here, as we're asked to cook more regular dishes than these two Subway dishes. It's an interesting choice, but I suppose new recipes can't really be argued with. Should this promotion become more interesting, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of these four new recipes? Do you think the goal series would have been better if it only had you cook the two Subway sandwich recipes, or do you like this variety? Let us know in the comments.
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