Cafe World Mother's Day Goals 6-8: Everything you need to know


Last week, Zynga released a Mother's Day goal series in Cafe World, but there came with it a bit of a catch. We always knew that the mission series would have eight separate goals, but at the time of its release, it only contained five of those eight. Now, a few days later, the final three missions have been released, but they're definitely not any easier than those we've seen in the past. In fact, they might take you quite a bit of time to complete.

Mother's Day 6 puts you to work asking your friends for items, along with serving a dish that you unlocked back in the first five portions of this goal set.

Ask for 7 Pastry Dishes
Ask for 5 Fancy Glasses
Serve X's and O's Cookies 24 Times

The X's and O's Cookies are earned by completing goal five of the original Mother's Day set. They luckily take just 30 minutes to cook. Finishing this goal gives you a Mother and Child decoration, that has a mother figure hugging her son.

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