Blizzard hiring web, mobile whiz to improve 'mobile presence' [Updated]

WoW Mobile Armory
WoW Mobile Armory

Update: All Blizzard had to say of the open position was this: "[The position] is for our existing team that works on mobile-based enhancements for our games and web services initiatives, including our mobile authenticator and mobile guild chat functionality for World of Warcraft Remote subscribers." Well then, we'll just have to wait and see what Blizzard is up to on the mobile front in the coming months, then.

Blizzard, the infamous creator of the greatest fantasy addiction of all time, World of Warcraft, is looking for a web and mobile savvy project director to "have a vision for what Blizzard Entertainment needs to do to have a successful web and mobile presence." At least that's what the job posting reads. Now, a web and mobile whiz will surely know what's up on mobile devices these days: social media and community.

And Blizzard is already on its way to creating such a community. Just in the past year, the company has released the WoW Armory app for smartphones (a mobile companion to the game in which players can even chat with friends now), and 2.0. The latter is a socially-connected, cross-platform communications service for Blizzard fans. Taking a cue from services like Xbox Live, players can chat from across different Blizzard games and even invite players to their games. Wouldn't it be great if the company could stretch that social layer across mobile devices too? Well, it's just a thought. We've contacted Blizzard for comment.

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