Atheist Creates Jobs Saving Pets After "The Rapture" (Video)

Rapture insurance Let's say you're one of the devout Christians who are caught up in the "Rapture," which some believe could occur as soon as May 21, 2011. What will happen to poor Fluffy or Fido, left at home all alone with no one to let them out and put kibble in their dishes? Self-proclaimed atheist Bart Centre has your pets covered: He's selling post-Rapture pet insurance.

For a mere $135, the faithful can be assured that Centre or one of his 44 contractors in 26 states, will drive to your home within 24 hours, collect your dog, cat, bird, rabbit or small caged mammal, and adopt it. There's a $20 charge for each additional animal, and even horses, camels, llamas and donkeys will be taken care of if you live in New Hampshire, Vermont, Idaho or Montana.

Centre, who is 62 and a prolific anti-religious writer, assures his clients that he and his contractors would never be eligible to be swept up in the Rapture. They do love animals, but they don't love Jesus. In fact, he requires that all his contractors blaspheme against the Holy Ghost, in accordance with Mark 3:29, which reads: ''But he that shall blaspheme against the Holy Ghost hath never forgiveness, but is in danger of eternal damnation.'' He just wants to make sure they'll still be earthbound once the righteous go on to greener pastures.

''These are people not likely to be Raptured under any circumstances,'' Centre is quoted as saying in the Seattle Times.

Centre calls his business Eternal Earth-Bound Pets USA, and founded it in 2009. He says he has more than 250 clients, and with 20 million Christians in the U.S. who potentially believe in the rapture, he could have many more.

All contracts must be paid upfront, and are good for 10 years. Centre told Bloomberg that he doesn't believe in the Rapture and will therefore never have to actually render the services he offers, but he is offering something of great value to Christians: peace of mind, for only 92 cents a month. "If we thought the Rapture was really going to happen, obviously our rate structure would be much higher," Centre quipped.

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