Rockstar, L.A. Noire gets talkative with Social Club features

Rockstar Social Club LA NoireI doubt the second thing Rockstar and 2K Games said when creating L.A. Noire was, "You know what this technological feat of a storytelling game needs? Social features!" Nonetheless, here they are, as Rockstar has thrown is its much-awaited interactive crime drama, L.A. Noire, into the Social Club, Gamercast reports. Alright, so maybe "interactive crime drama" is a bit much for a game that just released, but considering it was the first video game ever accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival, it might be fitting. The Social Club is not only a social hub for Rockstar fans, but a source of information and a repository for special in-game items.

The Rockstar Social Club has been around since the release of Grand Theft Auto way back when, and the company has consistently added new titles including GTA: Chinatown Wars and Red Dead Redemption. Sure, having a community to consult for help on difficult cases with L.A. Noire is handy, but we know why everyone comes flocking: the items. Luckily for you, joining the Rockstar Social Club by linking your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network account could net you an exclusive item in the game.

It's the Chicago Lightning Detective Suit, and its enhancements to your shotgun and machine gun accuracy will come in handy when dispatching perps. While plenty of developers and publishers are using social media to enhance console games--just look at what EA2D is up to for EA with Dragon Age Legends--few are creating their very own platforms like Rockstar. Recently, Naughty Dog teased some social features in its upcoming Uncharted 3. Regardless of whether developers are using Facebook directly to introduce social features to their console games, the allure of social games was likely an inspiration. And free stuff--that's always inspiring.

[Image Credit: Rockstar]

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