FrontierVille: Varmints no longer cause red areas on Homesteads

Many FrontierVille players might have already noticed that Varmints have been changed drastically in the game, but if you haven't noticed a difference, here's your heads-up. What's the change? Each time a Varmint appears on your Homestead, you will no longer see a large red area surrounding the animal, eliminating the need to confirm any actions within that area, as they cost an "extra energy" to complete - not that the extra energy was actually ever used, mind you, so the entire red area "feature" became pretty useless long ago.

What I first assumed was a bug, though, has now been confirmed via the official FrontierVille forums, as Community Specialist Miss Marme stated that "this [removal] was intentional and we are wondering if y'all like it or not..." Personally, I love this change. While it may not increase the appearance rate of Varmints on our land, I'm glad that I won't have to senselessly click through pop-up after pop-up as I try to chop down trees or remove debris (or worse, feed animals), just because a Snake or Fox happens to be in the surrounding area.

If you agree, please let the FrontierVille team know over on the game's forums, lest they think we don't and then turn it back on. No thanks!

What do you think of the removal of the red Varmint circles on your land? What other changes could Zynga make in FrontierVille that would make the game a more enjoyable experience for you? Let us know in the comments.
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