FrontierVille: Buildings can now be stored in your Storage Shed

One of the biggest complaints many FrontierVille players have concerns an overall lack of space around the Homestead. While repeatable Storage Shed expansion missions do help us tame down the amount of decorations we have lying about, that still didn't take away the large buildings that some of no longer want on our lands, but are terrified of deleting in case we need them again in the future.

In come Zynga with a solution - some buildings can now be stored in your Storage Shed. While the list of buildings that can be stored isn't universal, Community Specialist Miss Marme was gracious enough to share with us a list of those buildings that can not be stored, so we know to not even try.

Here's the list of buildings that can't be stored currently. Unfortunately, Finkerton's Agency is on it (drats!).

Water Well
Storage Shed
Chicken Coop
General Store
School House
Barber Shop
Ponderosa Lodge
Doctor's Office
Finkerton's Detective Agency
Groundhog Trap
New Year's Eve Dance Floor

While that list might seem pretty long, there are still quite a few buildings not on the list that we can clear off our lands (even if only temporarily, while you plant crops, or farm out Oxen for Food). Buildings like the Tailor Shop, Pony Express, Newspaper Stand, Land Office, Inn, and so on all should be able to be stored, at least by this logic (if they're not on the list, you should be able to store them, right?). Note that right now, this ability is slowly rolling out to all players, so you may not be able to store buildings for a few more hours yet.

We've also been given confirmation that this isn't part of some larger mission series or anything sinister - it will simply roll around to your land and will go into effect instantly from there on in. I personally couldn't be happier for it; well, I could, but only if I could make that darn Detective Agency disappear along with everything else. Since I can't, I'll just take happiness from the items that I can store, freeing up tons of space for new goodies. Who's with me!?

Will you clear your Homestead of all buildings not on the above list? Why do you think these particular buildings can't be stored? Share your thoughts in the comments.
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