FarmVille: Shaklee Home item available as part of new cross-promotion

Zynga has launched a new cross-promotional item in the FarmVille marketplace this evening. The building is called the Shaklee Home, and it comes from the folks at the company of the same name - Shaklee, which produces environmentally friendly household products, among many other items. It's fitting, then, that the home looks "Green," in terms of its environmental impact.

This long and very large building costs 75,000 coins in the game's store, and comes fully equipped with solar panels on the roof, and large windows to let in the (virtual) light. There's a roof deck for sunbathing or catching up on a good book, or you can simply look at the ivy climbing up the sides of the walls. While the building is lovely, it looks very similar to the Outdoor Spa released during the Mother's Day theme - so similar in fact that it made me do a double take. While I'm not saying this diminishes the quality of the Shaklee Home, I have a feeling some farmers might avoid purchasing one due to its similarity.

Either way, this new building will be available in the game's store for less than one week (around six days, to be exact), so you won't have very much time to make up your mind as to whether or not to purchase it.

Will you? We'd love to know what you think of this new cross-promotional building. Do you think its too similar to other buildings released previously, or do you simply like collecting these limited edition items? Let us know in the comments.