FarmVille LE English Countryside Decorations: English Hotel, Detective Gnome, Tower Bridge & More

Tonight's FarmVille update brought with it two new buildings and four new decorative items that are available to purchase from the in-game marketplace. Before we take a look at these items, though, we've been warned that this could be our last chance to pick up limited edition English Countryside items, so pay special attention as this could be the final wave or release.

That said, the two new buildings are the English Hotel and the Garden Cafe. These buildings offer both players that save Farm Cash and those that spend it something to add to their farms, as the English Hotel costs 35 Farm Cash (and is a very long, stately building surrounded by a fence), while the Garden Cafe costs 350,000 coins. That may sound like a high price, but this too is a very intricately designed item, with its own surrounding fence and two bistro tables sitting outside on a sort of makeshift patio. Both of these buildings reward you with 3,500 experience points when purchased.
Meanwhile, one of the four new decorations will allow those that are building (or have already built) a moat on their farm another piece to add to the proverbial puzzle. This item is the Tower Bridge, which costs 18 Farm Cash. As the name suggests, London's iconic bridge has been placed over a matching piece of moat from previous releases, allowing it to fit right in. The other Farm Cash item is the Detective Gnome, based off of Sherlock Holmes.

The two coin items are less meaningful (at least in terms of real-world inspirations), and come in the form of the Flower Statue, at 80,000 coins, and the Ornate Iron Fence that sells for 6,000 coins per piece. All four of these decorations, regardless of price, will be available in the store for the next two weeks. Again, this very well might be the last time we see limited edition English Countryside items released in the store, so shop now while you still can.

Would you be happy to see the English Countryside theme end? Are you ready to move onto other themes, or do you enjoy stocking your farm with these many international goodies? Let us know in the comments.
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