FarmVille LE English Countryside Avatar Clothing: Butler and Royal Guard Costumes


Back in the middle of April, we gave you a sneak peek of two costumes that we thought would be launching in FarmVille in the near future. While it took these costumes a while to actually see a final release, with tonight's game update, we've finally been given the opportunity to dress our in-game avatars as either a Butler, or as a Royal Guard.

Both of these costumes are, of course, part of the current limited edition English Countryside theme, which the FarmVille team at Zynga has stated might be ending sooner, rather than later. That being the case, the matching 10 Farm Cash prices on both of these costumes might not seem like such a high price, since we know this theme won't be around forever. In fact, these two costumes will only be available in the store for the next two weeks. Will we see more female-oriented outfits released before these two expire? It's unlikely, but we'll make sure to let you know if we do.

What do you think of these two costumes? Had you been waiting for their release, or did you forget all about them (like I did)? Let us know in the comments.