EA Mobile Player's Choice: Which game do you want to play most? [Poll]

EA Player's Choice
EA Player's Choice

Public service announcement!

Games.com is working with EA Mobile on its new Player's Choice promotion, which starts today and will run through May 15. (PLEASE NOTE, THIS POLL IS NOW CLOSED. THE WINNING GAME AND INSTRUCTIONS WILL BE ANNOUNCED SHORTLY)

We've hand selected five EA iPhone and iPad games that best fit our demographic (ya know, fun, casual games that almost anyone would recognize and anybody can play), and all you need to do is to vote on which game you'd like to play most.

If you're wondering why we want you to pick the one you'd like to play most (instead of, say, choosing your favorite game on the list) -- that's because once the poll closes on May 15, and soon after, you will be able to purchase the winning game for a big fat discount of 50% or more. So -- what are you waiting for -- start voting already!

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