Destructoid and Playhem launch Fight, get game news while you game

Destructoid Fight
Gamification is the new 'it' thing to do for everything from coffee shops to chic boutiques. But what would happen when a video game news site like Destructoid launched its own gamification platform? Could legit gaming options from a gaming news site be too much for gamers to game? Who knows, but we're about to find out as Destructoid and Playhem have teamed up to bring the publication's readers Fight, a new social (in the actual sense) gaming service. Now social games haven't inspired just marketers and advertisers, but gaming news communities--how meta.

Once Destructoid readers sign up for Fight, they can connect with fellow fans through games they already own like Street Fighter 4 and Call of Duty in custom-built tournaments for cash and loyalty rewards points. Players can chat with their friends using the platform, and prizes are available to those who have earned enough loyalty rewards points through participating in and betting on tournaments in several other games including StarCraft 2, Marvel vs. Capcom and the roster of EA Sports games.

"The Destructoid community is the best video game community on the web and we're happy to offer them another great and enjoyable service," said Niero Gonzalez, CEO of Destructoid, in a press release. "We're extremely excited to work with Playhem since they have a proven track record when it comes to rewards-based gaming." This could very well be the first time a gaming news publication introduced a social community like Fight. If successful, it could change the way entertainment news outlets engage their readers drastically.

[Image Credit: Destructoid]

If you're a Destructoid reader, would you join the Fight community? What do you think of social gaming's effect on not just marketing and advertising, but now community engagement for news organizations? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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