Ask an Expert: Is Summertime a Good Time to Look for a Job?

look for a job As we approach the hot days of summer, my clients sometimes tell me they plan to put their job search on hold during the summer months because they think that everyone is out of town and no one is hiring during this season.

Actually, the summer months can be the best time to step up your search campaign and diligently network, precisely because so many applicants believe this misconception about the job market.

Consider the following:

Fewer people in town could mean more opportunities.

Savvy job seekers know that the more visible they are, the greater the chances of meeting the person that can connect them with a viable job opportunity. This concept may be even more important when you are searching during the summer months.

Decision makers' schedules are often not as tight during the summer and they may be more generous with their time. By establishing relationships with the key players now, you are more likely to be remembered when hiring picks up.

People do more entertaining during the summer months.

Memorial Day weekend is synonymous with firing up the grill, taking the tarp off the pool, and planning informal gatherings. These venues are excellent opportunities to reconnect with old friends and hook up with new contacts. There is always a chance to share information about what you do at these events.

Networking options increase in the warm summer months.

With the warm weather comes the opportunity to network in places that you can't network in the colder months. One such place is the golf course. Golf continues to be one of the most effective places for referrals and new business. If you have children, consider spending time with them in the playground.

Parks are filled with people who have value as potential networking connections. Parents tend to gravitate to certain playgrounds on a regular basis. By doing likewise, you have a chance to establish and grow the relationships over several visits. Bring along toys that encourage cooperative play including balls, Frisbees and jump ropes and you'll have an audience of eager kids and adults in no time.

Your child playing with others gives you the perfect opportunity to start a conversation with the parents of those children.

Family obligations may be reduced during summer.

If you have older children, your family obligations might be reduced during the summer months. Children typically aren't juggling as many activities and their time away from you may be extended if they are in a day or sleep away camp program. This could be the perfect time to participate in some early morning or after hours networking events and activities that are difficult to commit to during the school year.

Establishing relationships in the summer time is an excellent way to make inroads with decision makers who may be hiring in the fall. Hiring managers may be more accessible, more relaxed, and just in a better frame of mind during the summer months.

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