FarmVille Bug Report: Rollback issue under investigation as players lose levels


Late last week, players on the officlal FarmVille forums started reporting that they had lost progress on their farms. After experiencing a refresh or out of sync notice, players would finally reach their farms only to see that they've experiences a serious rollback - grown Lambs are missing, Mystery Seedlings hadn't been grown, old crops are on their land (and withered), animals haven't been fed, coins have gone missing, and even levels have disappeared from users' experience point totals.

Thankfully, the FarmVille team at Zynga has officially acknowledged the issue, and have flagged it as "Known." While the issue is currently still "Under Investigation" - Zynga's code for "We're working on it" - they have encouraged players that have suffered any amount of rollback, no matter how minor, to contact Zynga Customer Support, so that you may be reverted to your proper and original state. Hopefully, the FarmVille team will learn from this issue, and we won't have to worry about it happening again.

[Image Credit: Adventures in Agile]

Have you experienced the "rollback" issue in FarmVille this week? What would you do if you suddenly lost a level of progress, along with all of your other earned goodies? Let us know in the comments.