Cafe World Pizza Oven Goals VIII - XIII: Everything you need to know

Similar to the situation with the Deep Fryer in Cafe World, which saw an initial set of missions released, only to be added to about a month later, Zynga has done the same thing with our Pizza Oven. The first set of Pizza Oven goals took us through Parts I - VII, but now, we've been given parts VIII - XIII (that's 8-13), which will grant us three new recipes in addition to those pizza dishes we already unlocked in the past, according to Di's Mingle Network.

To start, Part VIII of XIII has us starting simply, all things considered.

Cook Meat Craver's Pizza
Ask for 3 Tomatoes
Ask for 4 Cups of Flour

We're all used to these sorts of requirements by now - simply prepare four Meat Craver's Pizzas, which take 12 hours to prepare, and then ask your friends to send you the ingredients you need.
Part IX of XIII is a similar setup, in that you'll need to serve items and collect ingredients, but this time around, you'll receive a new recipe at the end, so it seems a bit more worth it.

Ask for 4 Pineapples
Ask for 4 Mozzarella
Serve 14 Pita and Dolmas

Pita and Dolmas can be cooked for 1100 coins, and is ready after four hours. Remember to check your Gift Box to see if you have any extra servings so that you can skip the waiting time. For finishing this goal, you'll receive the Pineapple and Ham Pizza recipe, which takes a whopping two days to cook, and costs 6000 coins.

Moving on, Part X of XIII marks the halfway point, and is simply a time-sink, rather than anything offering you another free recipe (those come later).

Serve 10 Margherita Pizzas
Ask for 5 Tomatoes
Ask for 5 Onions

Margherita Pizzas costs 1300 coins to prepare, but is ready after just 30 minutes, so at least this high quantity won't take you too long to get through.

For Part XI of XIII, we've past the halfway point, and will receive another new recipe for completing the following:

Ask for 6 Green Peppers
Spice 5 of your Neighbors Stoves
Serve 6 Margherita Pizzas

At least we only have to ask for six ingredients this time around. As for the other task, simply head to your friends' cafes and click on any stove that isn't already glowing to "spice" it. Finishing this mission unlocks the Green Pepper Pizza recipe, a pizza that costs 2300 coins to cook, and takes two hours to prepare.

We're almost done as we reach Part XII of XIII, which is more about serving food than collecting ingredients, but that's represented here too.

Serve 5 Green Pepper Pizzas
Ask for 5 Mozzarella
Serve 8 Sausage Deep Dish Pizzas

Sausage Deep Dish Pizzas cost 1000 coins to prepare, and are ready after four hours. Again, no free recipe for this goal, but you are looking at receiving one more, so keep it up!

Finally, Part XIII of XIII marks the current end for the Pizza Oven Goal series, and sees you collecting the most ingredients of any one goal yet.

Ask for 10 Cups of Flour
Ask for 10 Mushrooms
Serve 5 Green Pepper Pizzas

Your reward for this mission is the Veggie Calzone. Not technically a normal pizza, but it's definitely something you might see served in such a restaurant, or listed under the Italian portion of a restaurant's menu. You'll be able to cook the Veggie Calzone for 1400 coins, and come back to serve it 22 hours later.

All told, you're looking at another fairly time-consuming mission series, even if only for the fact that you'll have to wait for so many items to be sent to you from friends. Will we ever see a mission series that can be completed mostly on our own? I doubt it, but I suppose there's always hope.

[Source Di's Mingle Network]

What do you think of these new Pizza Oven goals? Had you finished Parts I-VII, or are you still trying to make your way to this point? Let us know in the comments.
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