FarmVille Sneak Peek: Turn Bushels into new items via Craftshops


It's not often that Zynga itself releases a sneak peek for us to take a look at, but this morning, we found a new FarmVille loading screen showing off a new feature that will be coming to the game (presumably in the very, very near future). A new "Craftshops" building will be added to the game, and it looks like we'll be able to use our excess Bushels to create new decorations, consumables like Fertilize Alls, and more.

If we really go in-depth with this image, it also looks like Sheep will have a role in creating items as well. Could this mean we "sacrifice" dud sheep from the Sheep Breeding feature to create Love Potions? Or, could we just be using Wool from the Sheep to create new items? While that's unknown at this point, it does look like the Craftshops will be a replacement feature for the loss of Pig Slop and Truffle Hunting as a use for our excess Bushels.

This all makes me wonder, though. If Pig Slop and Truffle Hunting was so unsuccessful that Zynga felt they needed to remove it from the game, will the Craftshops suffer the same fate? Only time will tell, but as usual, we'll bring you all of the details about Craftshops when they release in the coming days.

What do you think of the idea of a Craftshop on your Farm? Will you use excess Bushels to create Love Potions or formerly retired decorative items? Let us know in the comments.