FarmVille Sneak Peek: American Express promotion coming soon

It looks like Zynga will be partnering with American Express for a new promotion in FarmVille in the coming days and weeks (perhaps for tomorrow night's update?), as FVNation has spotted images of the new promotion's loading screen, along with the prizes you'll receive.

For this promotion, it appears as though a new farm will be added to the game for us to visit, and for helping the farm in some way, we'll receive a themed Windmill (in the American Express classic blue color), an Instant Grow, and a Mystery Box, which contains an as-of-now unknown prize.

Just remember, as this is an unreleased cross-promotion, things could change before its actually launch in the game, so don't get too excited just yet. Ok, sure, get a little excited - this is a free installment of Instant Grow we're talking about here! And those four-day crops aren't going to master themselves! Put two and two together, and you've got instant progress, and there's nothing wrong with that.

[Image Credit: FVNation]

What do you think of the supposed prizes for this American Express promotion? What do you think is inside that Mystery Box? What do you hope is inside? Let us know in the comments.