FarmVille Bug Report: Giant Sheep Pen and Pig Pen will take over your farm

I came across a very, let's say... interesting bug on my FarmVille farm today. When scrolling up to my large animal storage area, I found that my new Sheep Pen and my Pig Pen had become absolutely massive. I immediately snapped a screenshot, and then went to work to try and figure out how to resolve the problem. Travel to the English Countryside and back again - nope, large buildings still there. Remove a Sheep or Pig and replace them? That didn't fix it either (actually, it seemed to make it worse, as the buildings still showed the animals as being inside, even though they weren't). Ultimately, a couple of refreshes did set things straight, but it was an odd experience to say the least.

Unfortunately, I don't seem to be the only one suffering from this particular issue, as users have even uploaded YouTube videos documenting the experience. I suppose all we can do now is add this to the long, long line of FarmVille glitches and bugs currently present in the game, and hope that Zynga works to restore things to normal as soon as possible.

Have you experienced this or any other unusual glitches in your farm lately? We'd love to hear about your experiences - share them with us in the comments!