Zynga rolls out 'Use All' feature to FarmVille Gift Box

FarmVille Gift Box Use All
FarmVille Gift Box Use All

Now that the FarmVille Gift Box has been all dolled up, Zynga thought it might be time to add some function that new form. The developer is slowly rolling out a feature that will allow to players to use multiples of the same item all at once. Dubbed the "Use All' feature by Zynga, the change essentially applies the Special Delivery Boxes' "Use All" button to all items. In other words, say you have 25 Honeybees to put in your Beehive (like the above image depicts). Clicking the "Use All' button will add all 25 Honeybees to the Beehive with a single click. Sure, new major FarmVille events are almost always welcome, but it's these tiny changes that make them that much better.

[Source and Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

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