Stephen Colbert wishes life was more like Mafia Wars

Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert

Apparently, Stephen Colbert is lonely. (Not to mention a Mafia Wars fan.) At least that's what the host of the infamous Colbert Report quipped on Twitter recently. Colbert wrote, "I wish real life was more like the game Mafia Wars, in that my friends would ask me to do things with them." And Zynga, flattered by the wish, offered for Colbert to join its mafia. While it shouldn't be looked into any further than a cute joke, Mafia Wars has a tendency for attracting A-list celebrities.

In the past year alone, Snoop Dogg blew up an armored truck with the Mafia Wars team, Dr. Dre promoted his new album through the game and Seth Rogen hyped his film, The Green Hornet, through an in-game event. So, how long will it be before Colbert brings his zaniness to Mafia Wars?

[Image Credit: Colbert Nation]

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