FrontierVille promises faster loadtimes, but actually playing is still painfully slow

frontierville faster loadtimes
This week, FrontierVille rolled out a new feature that is designed to help the game load faster. Basically, the game will store some of its files on your computer's hard drive, which will enable it to load faster.

While this seems to do the trick, actually trying to play the game has been a lag-filled affair that has me starting and restarting my browser, trying to play the game in different browsers and checking to make sure I don't have too many programs (like TweetDeck or Photoshop) running in the background at the same time.

The lag was especially apparent when I finally decided to ride my new horse for the first time. The only phrase that came to mind was 'WTH?' when I watched my lil pioneer and her trusty steed zig-zag ever so molasses-like across the screen.

I did a cursory Google and FrontierVille forum search for 'FrontierVille lag fixes' and came out empty-handed. In the past, I have heard that using Google's Chrome browser will help matters slightly, but I want to know -- when will a more permanent fix be available?

So -- have you been noticing a major lag in the game while playing? Have any tips on how to make FrontierVIlle run faster/more smoothly? Please share them in the comments. We're all counting on you. Add comment.

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