CityVille Hardware Store upgraded to actually become useful


When the Hardware Store was released in CityVille last month, many players quickly went from excitement to annoyance at the fact that A) You had to use 35 building materials to build it and B) It never really released enough bonus building materials when collected from it, even though we were assured building it would be worth while.

That all has changed with this week's update, however, with Zynga offering two changes. The first will help those that simply stopped before they ever really got started, by removing the requirement to collect any additional building materials to finish your Hardware Store's construction. That's right, even if you had never asked for one of these items from friends, the next time you log into the game, you'll be given the ability to name your automatically completed building.

What's more - we have now been guaranteed to receive some kind of building material (no specific types or order in which they will be found was released) each and every time we collect from the Hardware Store. The Hardware Store takes 160 Goods to operate, so you can collect from the building as often or as little as you'd like, depending on your Goods supply or how many other businesses you have "open" at once. At last - a basically free and easy way to earn building materials without having to bug friends!

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What do you think of the changes made to the Hardware Store this week? Let us know in the comments.

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