Cafe World Mother's Day Goals: Everything you need to know

Update: Parts 6-8 of the Mother's Day goals have been released. Click here to pick up where this first set leaves off.

In honor of Mother's Day this weekend, Zynga has released a new set of goals in Cafe World celebrating mothers everywhere. Specifically, our friend Amelia needs help finding the perfect gift for her own mother for Mother's Day, and you're just the person to help her out! Thanks to the new Goal Manager, you'll be able to find this set of goals even if it doesn't appear automatically (although it should) - just look out for the three roses with the "1" next to it, and you'll be good to go.

The first mission is called the Perfect Gift, and it starts you off slowly.

Spice 5 Neighbors' Stoves
Serve Belgian Waffles 10 Times
Get 3 Hugs and Kisses

If you haven't guessed already, the Hugs & Kisses are this event's RSVP, meaning that you'll only be ask the same friend to send you an additional Hugs and Kisses item once every 46 or so hours, rather than everyday. As for the Belgian Waffles, they can be cooked for 200 coins and are ready to serve in two hours. For finishing this first goal, you'll receive the World's Best Mom Certificate.The rest of this goal series becomes a bit more complicated. While there are supposed to be eight full goals in this mission series, according to Di's Mingle Network, only the first five are currently available. The extra three goals will likely be released sometime this weekend, and we wouldn't be surprised if a Catering Order came along with it. At any rate, we can see help you get through the first five goals, so let's continue, shall we?

Part II of VIII asks you to ask your friends to send you some nice table-setting decorations, along with serving another dish.

Ask for 5 Flowers
Serve Eggs Benedict 8 Times
Ask for 5 Candles

The Flowers and Candles can be received by simply asking your friends to send them to you, which is convenient, as you'll be able to complete the third task - cooking Eggs Benedict - while you wait for them to arrive. The dish costs 300 coins to cook and takes six hours to prepare. For finishing this goal, you'll receive Mother's Day Flowers. Slowly but surely, Amelia's present is coming together!

In Part III of VIII, you'll unlock your first new recipe for this mission series.

Ask for 5 Touches of Mother's Love
Ask for 7 Candlesticks
Serve Bacon and Eggs 10 Times

Bacon and Eggs and can be cooked for 1,000 coins, and take nine full hours to prepare. Your first new dish is the Breakfast in Bed, which costs 1,500 coins to cook, and takes 12 hours to finish.

For Part IV of VIII, you'll unlock the second of three new dishes currently available, but of course, you'll have to work for it first.

Get 6 Hugs & Kisses
Ask for 7 Red Sugar Cubes
Serve Herbed Halibut 15 Times

Herbed Halibut costs 700 coins and takes one day to complete. As for the Hugs & Kisses, any extra items that you earned at the beginning of this mission series should carry over, so you may not to ask for more, but if so, just ask your friends (again) and you'll be able to move on. Your second new recipe is the Mother's Day Feast, which has stats matching that of the Herbed Halibut - it's ready to serve after a full day of cooking, and costs 700 coins to prepare.

This brings us to Part V of VIII, the current stopping point of this mission series. It will see you putting you last new recipe to work, and will reward you with yet another new dish to serve in your cafe.

Get 8 Hugs & Kisses
Serve Mother's Day Feast 20 Times
Ask for 8 Pink Sugar Sprinkles

The third free dish is the X's and O's Cookies, which may only take 30 minutes to prepare, but costs 1200 coins to cook.

Again, this is (as of this writing), the ending point of this mission series, but with the game clearly labeling this mission series as having eight full parts, we'll make sure to keep an eye on things and will update this space when you can move onto parts six-eight.

[Goals 2- 5 Via Di's Mingle Network]

What do you think of these Mother's Day goals in Cafe World? Do some of the requirements seem more appropriate for a romantic holiday, or is that just me? Let us know in the comments.
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