Zynga teases FarmVille Collections revamp with ... a Rainbow Cow?

Rainbow Cow
Rainbow Cow

In case you had any doubt that the FarmVille Collections changes are real, let this Rainbow Cow dispel your cynicism. At least that's Zynga's line of logic in a post featured on the FarmVille Blog, declaring that yes, a major change to Collections is coming. Oh, and the Rainbow Cow will be one of the rewards for these new Collections. We thought that might make more sense.

Much of the post describes what we already know about this new feature: Collections will be somewhat separate from the items that they're comprised of. In other words, the new Collections will have levels of their own.

And the collectibles you find will be automatically placed into their matching Collection--not in your Gift Box. However, any Collections that you've yet to complete before the change will be deleted, so turn them in quick before the change happens.