15 Words You Should Replace on Your Resume

The list of personal attributes that job seekers place on their resume to convey their value proposition is endless. Almost every resume I read is full of words that suggest the person is someone worthy of a spot on the team, yet few of them explain what they have actually done in their place of work to prove that they really possess these attributes. Some of the biggest "offenders" I see repeated over and over again on resumes include:

1. reliable

2. loyal

3. trustworthy

4. great sense of humor

5. conscientious

6. helpful

7. innovative

8. seasoned

9. results-oriented

10. dependable

11. detail oriented

12. highly motivated

13. versatile

14. independent

15. self-starter

Can you imagine buying a car from a salesman who claims the vehicle is dependable without first doing some research on the car's handling, performance, and gas consumption? Would you hire an accountant just because he claims he is trustworthy or would you want more specific details about how she prepares taxes? Would you choose the house renovation contractor who says he is reliable without asking him questions about his time frames for getting the job done? Would you hire someone to take care of your children because she says she is conscientious or would you want to know exactly what type of activities she has done with children?

Hiring managers don't hire people who say they are reliable and trustworthy. They hire people who can prove time and time again, without a shadow of a doubt that they have experienced successes in the past that make them strong candidates for similar continued success in their organization. Before you include a list of personal attributes on your resume, ask yourself, "Will these words really persuade a hiring manager to interview me or are they just words?" Then do the hard work of actually creating a resume that includes the strong proof of success that gets candidates in the front door.

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