Nurse Takes Sick Leave From Day Job to Work as 'Lady of the Night'

Lady of the Night Many people work second jobs to help make ends meet, but it's not everyone who moonlights as a prostitute to help put food on the table.

But that's exactly what a nurse for Britain's National Health Service did. Sharon Morgan quickly quit her job after it was learned she was providing services of a sexual nature while claiming sick leave from her job as theater nurse at West Wales General Hospital, London's Sun newspaper reported.

Morgan, 45, called herself "Misty" and promised a "full girlfriend experience," the newspaper reported.

The mother of four advertised her services in the local AdTrader newspaper, describing herself both as "voluptuous" and having an ample bosom.

Morgan's second career was discovered after a furious wife learned that her husband had secretly used Morgan's services.

When the scorned wife phoned the hospital to confront Morgan, the caller was told Morgan was on sick leave.

Morgan resigned her nurse's post before any disciplinary action could take place. She also declined to comment on the matter.

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