'Home Alone' House for Sale at $2.4 Million

Home Alone house for saleAhhhh! The house from the holiday blockbuster "Home Alone" has hit the market for $2.4 million.

Located in the well-heeled Chicago suburb of Winnetka, Ill., the 4,250 square foot, three-story home looks just as picturesque today as it did for the 1990 theatrical release of the film.

(See photos of the "Home Alone" house here.)

The owners, John and Cynthia Abendshien, had only lived for a year and a half in the house when Chris Columbus, the film's director, came knocking at their door.

"'Are you ready yet?'" the couple recalls Columbus asking. Prior to moving to the property, the Abendshiens were approached to have their previous home appear in "Uncle Buck," another film written by John Hughes and starring Macaulay Culkin.

"I think what attracted Hughes to the home is what's exemplified in the movie," said Coldwell Banker agent Marissa Hopkins during a phone interview. "It's a beautiful home with a lot of space and a warm feel. He liked to have real homes as his stage."

See Photos of 'Home Alone' House
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'Home Alone' House for Sale at $2.4 Million

Exterior facade

The "Home Alone" film crew loading potato flakes into the snow machine

Film still - the staircase

The staircase and foyer

Film still - the kitchen

Actual kitchen

Film still - living room

Actual living room


Dining room


Outdoor patio

Sitting room

Historic photo of the home

Real floor plans

Kevin's floor plans.


The 1920s-era, Georgian-style property includes 14 rooms, many of which house hunters will recognize from the film -- from the attic bedroom (poor Kevin--it wasn't his fault!) to the staircase where Harry loses a tooth.

The Abendshiens lived in the home for much of the five and half month filming period and said they were gifted scores of props by the studio. But there's one set piece that the couple rejected that "Home Alone" fans will miss above all others.

"They also offered to leave the tree house," the couple said in a statement. "But because it was placed so high up in the tree, we thought it would be dangerous."

The home is available for viewing by appointment to prequalified buyers only. And judging from what happened to the last intruders, it's probably best to heed the warning.

Film Still

Current Home

Film Still

Current Home

Film Still

Current Home

Real Floor Plans

Kevin's Floor Plans

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