FrontierVille Building a Kennel: Everything you need to know


The new Dog Kennel has finally started rolling out (slowly rolling out, mind you) to some lucky FrontierVille players, with this Kennel allowing you to "train" your dogs to complete tasks, like hunting varmints, tending to animals, and even digging up "cool stuff." If you don't have the Kennel missions in your game yet, and even if you don't already have the Kennel building available to purchase from the store (yet), you can get a jump start on this feature by taking a look at your already purchased dog(s).

The Dog now has a new command when you click on it, allowing you to "Feed" it. You'll need to Feed the dog 10 Chunky Chows in order for him/her to grow up completely, but at any time, you can also click on "Activate the Dog" to take control over the dog, similar to how you click on your family members to control them while working on the Homestead. If at any time you'd like to stop controlling the dog, and go back to "normal," you can do so by clicking on your furry friend and clicking "Stay."

As for the Kennel itself, you can find all of the details about building the Kennel behind the break.

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