FarmVille Mother's Day Decorations: Dahlia Flowerbed, Mom Day Gnome, Mom's Gift Basket & More


While tonight's FarmVille update brought with it new animals, trees, a building and even a new crop, the largest set of items came to the store's decorations section, as six new items are available to purchase, either for your own farm, or as intended - giving them as a gift to the mothers in your life.

Four of the six items are premium, but not all of them actually scream "Mother's Day," giving you a chance to outfit your own farm with some lovely decorations in the process. For Gnome collectors, the Mom Day Gnome serves you breakfast in bed for just 10 Farm Cash (that's actually a cheap price, compared to the normal 15+ Farm Cash price of other Gnomes). If you're more of a gardener, you can also pick up the Humming Birds for 12 Farm Cash.

Meanwhile, the other two Farm Cash items are specific to the holiday, as a Mom's Day Sign costs just 2 Farm Cash and a Mom's Gift Basket costs just a single Farm Cash. Why so cheap? Well, the items must cost Farm Cash to enable in-game gifting, according to the current store setup. In this way, you'll be able to spend just a couple of Farm Cash at a time, and still give those mothers in your life something truly special (and exclusive in the game).