FarmVille Mother's Day Building: Outdoor Spa


While tonight's FarmVille update may have brought with it plenty of items, perhaps none is more soothing than the Outdoor Spa building. This new structure costs 20 Farm Cash to add to your farm (or to send to your mother's farm, if she happens to play), and it is one of the most heavily detailed "cottages" we've seen released in some time.

The Outdoor Spa itself has a large outdoor, two-story patio connected to a larger building. On the top floor deck, you have two lounge chairs, while underneath lies a hot tub (what I wouldn't give to have one of those right now). If you're looking for other items to decorate with, alongside this new Outdoor Spa, why not try a few flowers, or even a Magnolia Tree, which can also be given to your mother to complete the package.

This lovely Mother's Day building will be available for the next seven days, so shop fast!

Do you know of a mother that deserves her own spa day (at least virtually)? Will you purchase the Spa for your own farm, or keep to the idea of giving it as a gift? Let us know in the comments.