FarmVille Mother's Day Animals: Kangaroo & Joey, Polar Bear Cub


While they may not immediately scream "Mother's Day" at first glance, two new animals have been added to FarmVille's equally new Mother's Day item theme, and they come in the form of the Kangaroo & Joey (both for the price of one!) and the Polar Bear Cub. So, how do these animals relate to Mother's Day? The Kangaroo & Joey is the more easily explainable item, as it clearly shows a mother protecting her baby - something that most of us can relate to from our childhoods. For the Polar Bear Cub, I think the connection is a bit more abstract. Perhaps this is a way for us to adopt a Polar Bear Cub and serve as its virtual mother?

Either way, these two items are cute as can be, but come at a high price point. The Kangaroo & Joey is surprisingly the cheaper of the two items, at 16 Farm Cash, while the Polar Bear Cub (which happens to be a re-released item from the Earth Day event of 2010) costs 22 Farm Cash. Luckily, this is the same price as when the cub was first released, so at least Zynga didn't pull a fast one on us there. Also, for those with a keen eye - yes, a Kangaroo was also released during the Earth Day event last year, but that was a solo Kangaroo (sans Joey), so they are technically different items.

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