CityVille Upgrade your Post Office: Everything you need to know

While we've seen other CityVille buildings (like the Police Station, for instance) upgraded in the past, today finds another building being given a new coat of paint, and more! The Post Office is the newest building you'll be able to upgrade, with this ability coming from our friend Frank the Architect.

To physically upgrade your Post Office, you'll need to first collect your profits from the Community Building, and then click on the building again to see the pop-up menu like the one above, asking you to further outfit your Post Office with Staff, moving fromfive to seven staff members in total. This is done, as usual, by clicking on the Hire Friends button and then sending individual requests to those friends that you think will help you.
Once this is done, your Post Office will be updated not only in appearance, but also in function. The original Post Office only allows for 50 extra population in your town, while the Level 2 version allows for 150 extra citizens. Furthermore, each time you collect from the Post Office in the future, you'll have a chance at receiving extra energy and even City Seals, a building ingredient often used in building other Community Buildings - it's really a win-win!

You can even upgrade your Post Office further, with Level 3 requiring you to collect from a Level 2 Post Office five times, and reaching 2,200 population or more. You'll also need to recruit three additional staff members to your building. At this third level, your Post Office will go up to 500 Population, and the chances of receiving extra energy and City Seals go up with each collection thereafter.

While the upgraded Post Office doesn't add any additional "wow-factor" features to the game, the opportunity to find free City Seals isn't something to scoff at - after all, if your friends don't have to send you City Seals to complete Community Buildings, that's all the more help you can use to collect Energy! We'll make sure to let you know if other CityVille buildings are upgraded in the future, so remember to keep checking back with us.

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Have you started upgrading your Post Office in CityVille? What do you think of the new rewards offered for the upgraded community building? Let us know in the comments.
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