CityVille: Say Hola to new Cinco de Mayo decorations

In addition to the Cinco de Mayo quests that were released in CityVille this week, you can also pick up a few new (and exclusive) decorations and Businesses from the game's store. In addition to the Taqueria business that you must place to complete one of the Cinco de Mayo goals, you can also unlock the Taco Truck from completing those quests. The Taco Truck needs just 50 Goods to operate, and will reward you with 180 coins each time you collect from it.

As for the other goodies, there are five new decorative items available. One, the Mariachi Band (4% payout bonus), is another quest reward item, while an Artisan Kiosk, Pinata Party, and Mexican Street Flag can be purchased in the store. The Pinata Party item is the most expensive, at 20 City Cash, but it also adds a 6% boost to surrounding items. Meanwhile, the Artisan Kiosk costs 400 coins and offers a 4% bonus, while the Mexican Street Flag costs just 200 coins and offers only a 1% bonus.

Finally, the last new item is the Mexican Lamp (shaped like a cactus holding maracas - too cute!), which can only be earned by turning in the new Mariachi Collection. Of course, the five collectibles are found through collecting from the Taqueria and Taco Truck, so make sure to do so more often than not to have the quickest chance of adding this adorable lamp to your game.

While no specific expiration date was given to these items in the store (as of this writing), we do know they are limited edition, so shop fast if you want to make sure you can add them to your city before they leave.

[Image Credit: Zynga Forums]

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