CityVille: Create a dish for Cinco de Mayo and win 250 City Cash


What I'm about to say may sound a bit off, but Zynga is now throwing a cooking contest in CityVille. Yes, a cooking contest would probably be more suited to Cafe World, but Zynga's throwing it here in the big city anyway. The contest, specifically, is called the Cinco de Mayo Cooking School Celebration, and it asks creative chefs (of any skill set) to create a dish based on festive Mexican flavors.

While simply creating the recipe on paper is one thing, to win this contest, you must physically prepare the dish in the real world and take a picture of it for your entry to count. You must also include a brief description of your dish. Once the entry period is over (on May 10), the CityVille team will select their top ten choices, which will then be voted on by CityVille forum members. The top three entries will win 250, 125, and 75 City Cash each, respectively.

Taking a page from Iron Chef, this contest will just each dish on originality, visual appeal, and how well it fits the overall theme. Put your thinking caps on (or perhaps just your chef's hat) and jump into the kitchen for your chance to win! Good luck!

Will you participate in this CityVille cooking contest, or do you prefer giveaways that require a bit less real-world effort? Let us know in the comments.