CityVille: Collect from Houses, get random population boosts

CityVille Population
Sick of adding variety or flavor to your cities with new houses to increase population? (Who needs 'em!) Zynga has introduced an interesting update to CityVille that, when players collect from Homes, will randomly drop population increases. Remember that strange little phrase many of you found next to building information in the Market? You're looking at it.

Whenever you collect from a Residence, there is now a small chance that, in addition to coins and XP, a small moving van icon will appear. Click on it and you'll receive a small overall Population boost in proportion to the Residence you collected from. However, each House you own has a cap for how much it increase your population by, again in proportion to the home's original. So, this is a temporary fix to a growing problem: space.

[Source: CityVille Info]

Have you seen this new feature in your city? For how long do you think this will alleviate the growing population versus space problem in CityVille? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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