Top 25 Facebook Games - May 2011

top 25 facebook games may 2011
Zynga, Zynga, Zynga! The house of Z continues to dominate the social gaming charts in May 2011 (would you expect anything less?), but it's interesting to see that all of the FarmVille-creator's top games have taken a hit over the past month. The all-powerful CityVille lost nearly 1 million players, FrontierVille dropped 1.7 million players and a whopping 5.5 million players decided to send Mafia Wars to sleep with the fishes. That's gotta hurt. Well, maybe just a little.

As for the other Top 10 contenders, Gaia Online's Pokemon-inspired Monster Galaxy continues to gobble up the competition, gaining 2.9 million players this month, moving from #12 to #7. That move bumped down PopCap's Bejeweled Blitz and LOLApps' Ravenwood Fair, which both still seem to be hanging tough despite some negative numbers this month.

One of the biggest success stories is Wooga's Diamond Dash, which debuts on the Top 25 chart at #21. This collapse-style game borrows heavily from Bejeweled Blitz and, well, the results show that diamonds are, apparently, a Facebook gamers' best friend. Funzio's Grand Theft Auto-style Crime City also jumped this month from 22 to 15 -- guess crime does pay in Facebook gaming after all.

Who are you not seeing on the top 25 charts this month? New games hip-checked Zynga's PetVille from the list as well as PopCap's Zuma Blitz. RockYou's Zoo World seems to be hanging on by the fingernails at #25 -- losing 1.1 million players and dropping seven slots since April.

Playdom didn't crack the monthly list with its two new games, Deep Realms and Gardens of Time, though the latter had a good showing in the Top 25 based on daily active users (DAU). We were happy to see Digital Chocolate's campy Zombie Lane make it onto the DAU list as well -- after all, there's nothing like ringing in springtime by smashing cartoon zombies to smithereens.

top 25 facebook games may dau

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