How to Avoid the Resume Black Hole

Resume Have you ever encountered a situation where you post for an open job position online and never hear back from the hiring manager? Do you often feel like your resume has landed in a black hole of applications? Most people do. But Chris Forman, founder & CEO of StartWire, has created a novel approach to tracking where your resume goes once you hit send. Startwire closes the application black hole by providing job seekers with free, automatic status updates on job applications from thousands of employers. AOL Jobs recently interviewed Forman to learn more about StartWire.

Q. How does StartWire work?

A. StartWire works in much the same way as; but rather than organizing your travel itinerary, it organizes your job search. You simply share where you've applied, connect your application account to StartWire, and sit back. Every 12 hours we check the job and your application and share any updates. Is the job still active? Has your application been reviewed? Have you been moved to the next stage or been disqualified?

Additionally, StartWire gives you a red, yellow, or green indicator of your chances of getting a call based on your application date, the age of the job, and industry benchmarks. This quick 'stop light' is a fan favorite.

Q. What was the inspiration for StartWire?

A. My co-founder, Tim McKegney, and I have close to 30 years of combined experience in the recruiting technology space. If you look at any piece of research conducted in the last decade regarding online job search, the No. 1 complaint of people looking for work is the application black hole. Job seekers apply for open jobs and never hear back. Most folks who have looked at this problem thought it was so big and so tough it couldn't be solved. Those are the types of challenges we love to tackle.

Q. What's your favorite feature on the site?

A. The auto updates on applications are a great benefit to job seekers. Even though most of our updates deliver 'bad' news (meaning that the job seeker has not been selected or has been disqualified), the knowledge that we are allowing people to quickly get the news and move on is really important. We have been thanked by so many job seekers for this simple functionality, it's really motivating. One job seeker told us, "I hadn't heard from two companies in four weeks. StartWire gave me an update in 60 seconds. Sadly, I was rejected ... but I'm really happy to know the score." Another user commented, "StartWire's red/yellow/green status indicators are great. They help me manage my expectations."

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