FrontierVille Granny's Mother's Day Goals: Everything you need to know

With Mother's Day being right around the corner, Zynga has launched a new goal series in FrontierVille dealing with Granny, the new character released via the Ponderosa Lodge a few weeks ago. These three missions see you treating Granny "all special-like" by feeding her a nice dinner, fixing her still, and even giving Granny a brand new kitty (c'mon, who doesn't like fluffy kitties?!).

These goals are on a slow rollout, as usual, so don't be distressed if you don't see them yet. The first mission deals with the dinner, as you'll need to tend to some animals (I suppose that's a friendly way to saying it...) and have some Bacon.

Tend 30 Adult Cows
Tend 40 Pigs on your Homestead of a Neighbor's
Have Two Bacon

Of course, the Bacon is part of the Pig Collection, and will likely be earned while you're tending all 40 Pigs. Or, you can just ask your friends to send you the Bacon you need, if they have any extras. The rewards for this first mission are 250 XP, 500 coins and 1 Lunch.For Part II of III, you'll need to harvest some crops, so if you don't have these missions in your game yet, feel free to plant them now to plan ahead.

Harvest 20 Wheat
Have 10 Copper Pots
Hire 5 Friends

Unfortunately, even if you have your friends send you the Copper Pots within a matter of minutes or hours, and even if you have your friends visit your Homestead and water your crops to count for those 20 harvests, you'll only be able to hire 3 friends at a time (at most), so you will be stalled just a bit while waiting to complete this one. For pushing through and finishing this goal, you'll receive 600 XP, a Whiskey Still decoration, and 750 coins.

Finally, Part III of III introduces a sub-quest of sorts to the game (check out our complete guide to catching Field Mice), and - wait for it - will completely ruin your plan to avoid the Canning Master missions, if you've held off for this long.

Harvest 50 Tomatoes
Ask for 15 Cans of Sardines
Find Nine Field Mice

Again, while not technically related to the Canning Master Goals, if you were trying to avoid spending the 5,000 Food by never harvesting Tomatoes, this mission leaves you with a tough choice. Either remove all Butter from your account and harvest the Tomatoes normally (the riskier of the two options), to leave yourself with the Butters as the lone non-completed step, or pay the 25 Horseshoes to unlock this particular task so you can move on.

Whatever you decide to do, this is one time when I'm definitely upset about being right. We predicted Zynga would release another goal that contained the same 50 Tomatoes requirement (to "force" users to complete the Food mission), but unfortunately, if you choose to skip this Mother's Day mission as well, you'll be missing out on what are some (admittedly) awesome prizes at the end: 1,000 XP, 1 Lynx cat, and 1000 coins.

While the Lynx cat is adorable, I have to question whether or not its worth 5,000 Food (and then 10,000 Food after that, and so on and so forth). Then again, should we really pay Zynga the 25 Horseshoes to skip this step, or would that simply be giving them what they want? If you're as conflicted as me, then I wish you good luck in making the right decision (whatever that decision happens to be for you).

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Have you yet to complete the Canning Master missions? What do you think of this goal's match 50 Tomatoes requirement? Will you pay Horseshoes to skip this step, or will you take the plunge and hand over your Food to Zynga? Let us know in the comments.
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